Warranty Cards

The Warranty cards are used by manufacturers to certify the genuineness of the product sold as well as provide a card where all the variable information of the customer can be written. Special writable panels are provided that allow on the spot issue. Warranty card with customized printing option on each sides help achieve a high quality customized collateral that enhances the image of the product.

Plastic warranty cards are extremely popular with high end premium brands. The plastic warranty card serves as high end collateral and enhances the brand image. It also prevents duplication and serves to give additional security to the buyer. It also serves as a useful way to store important information relating to the product and its identity.

Jewels and diamonds certification cards have now become a essential marketing tool. They serve not only to establish the product authenticity but also guarantee the product attributes in a category manner thus adding to the value of the product. They serve to enhance the image of the product and repose confidence in the brand.

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