Tagtek offers the best datacard printers which instantly issues high quality payment cards advanced secured IDs and other related things which certainly maximize the card holder satisfaction. All the printers offered by us offer easy operations and provide the top proven performance along with cost effective results. Datacard printers can you increase the level of security of your company and they can be set up in less than 30 minutes. Datacard printers in Dubai offered by us provide the most affordable and economic card printing and you can use them to print the photo identification cards and badges according to your needs. Being the top Datacard Printers Supplier In Dubai, we assure you the reliable and secure printing of all kinds of requirements. Line up of the datacard printer is scaled to serve different changing needs of various business and organizations of various sizes can take benefit from them. You can choose any datacard printer from our wide range and can get single sides or dual sides printing and a long list of features and capabilities to satisfy the requirements of your organization. Depending on your need, you can choose single side printer or dual sides as both options are available with Tagtek. Single sided printer is perfect for you if you are creating the cards with limited cardholder information. On the other hand, dual sided datacard printer is perfect for you if you want to keep the front clean of the cards and do not want any kind of stuff on the back of the card.

A large number of customers ask if it is possible to get printing done on both sides of the card through a single sided datacard printer by flipping the side and get printed through printer. Fact is, it is possible but not recommended. When you use single side datacard printers in Dubai for printing on both sides of the card then you are definitely going to expose the print head to dust and debris from your hands. It can certainly cause damage to the print head and may void the warranty as well. Some people wonder why they need lamination. The answer is that lamination is the protective layer which is applied over the top of the printer cards. It certainly extends the life of your cards. Lamination also increase the security as it makes very difficult to make any sort of tempering with the cards and when you apply the holographic lamination, then the duplication of the card is definitely impossible. All these objectives can be achieved by purchasing the cheap datacard printers in Dubai from Tagtek as we are one of the largest and pioneer Datacard Printers Supplier In Dubai. We not only provide the best printers but also provide the best support services in case of any need by our customers. Call us today to get more information about all the printer options we have and our team will suggest you the best printer according to your requirements.