Contactless RFID Proximity Cards are designed to allow the access to different areas as per need. Each card contains an authorization code for specific area and team member or employee of an organization need to scan the card in order to go to the specific area. If the card allows access, then the specific person will be able to enter otherwise not. Contactless RFID Proximity Cards in Dubai are also used and utilized for the logical access control. You can make certain areas permissible for certain employees and other areas can be left impermissible.

Implementation of the proximity reader is not an issue and you easily implement it. High tech environment allows you to install the reader at the door and then employees or visitors can pass through the door only if the proximity card allows that person to pass the door. RFID Proximity cards can easily be customized with different options including Full color printing, Magnetic stripes, Signature strips, Barcoding, Numbering and Scratch off panels etc.

Contactless RFID Proximity Cards are specially designed to cater the needs of high volume logistic which involve the millions of items and you can use these cards in order to get theft protection, automatic date capture and date storage on the product. Tagtek provides a large range of Contactless RFID Proximity Cards in Dubai which you can choose to satisfy your business requirements. We give you an opportunity to not only protect the secret areas but also to capture all the information about entries and exits of the people. There are plenty of uses of proximity cards which include Item-level tagging, Pharmaceutical supply chain management and ePedigree, Rental and library services, Retail supply chain management and smart shelf solutions, Fashion, Anti-counterfeit protection, Asset management, Factory automation, and Parcel handling. Tagtek expert team posses years of experience and provide the best Proximity cards to all the clients worldwide. We offer specialized services for our Dubai clients as we are working in Dubai from many years.

Our experts take the requirements from the clients, analyze them and then provide them the suggestions about best card options suitable for their requirements. After the approval of client, we design and print and the card and then deliver to the clients assuring them of the best quality and affordable prices. No matter, what your requirements are or what type of RFID proximity cards you need, just contact us as we will provide you the best options matched to none. Not only the RFID cards but we also help to install the RFID reader to the client location in order to let our clients enjoy worry free services at their location. We take all your worries to let you concentrate purely on your business without having to worry about printing or any other requirements. Before giving order or selecting anyone, give us a call and we will make sure that we provide you something different from others as we work with the promise of best services with 100% client satisfaction.