Contact Smart Cards are composed of the conventional size of debit or credit card. It contains embedded single integrated circuit chip which contains either the memory or the microprocessor. Memory only chips are less expensive than the microprocessor chips and they must not be used for the storage of sensitive or any kind of valuable information. Tagtek provides you the best Contact Smart Cards in Dubai to serve all your needs and requirements. We make use of the sophisticated microprocessor chips which contain state of the art security features that are built in order to provide protection from any kind of unauthorized access. Contact Smart Cards offered by Tagtek are inserted in to the card acceptor device and information can be read from the card. These cards can be used for the network security, meal plans, loyalty programs, electronic cash transfers, Campus IDs, health cards and other application. Amount of information carried in the chips and the way of working of smart cards has been evolving from many years and Tagtek is providing you the best options by keeping our technology in line with the modern trends.

Security is of extreme concern in modern world and digitization may compromise the security of your data. Tagtek provide the contact smart cards which allow our clients get the best designs according to their demands. We give you a chance to move to plastic money and smart cards can also manage your day to day transactions along with access in the specific premises. Tagtek provides Contact Smart Cards in Dubai and we provide cards in bulk quantities at affordable rates. We not only provide services to the large scale enterprises but also provide the services to cater the needs of small and growing businesses. Tagtek has got an experienced and dedicated team which helps the companies get maximum advantage and success in the industry. We help the clients from design to printing and provide them the best solutions according to the industry requirements. All our products are designed to provide the best quality in lowest possible prices and we are here to guide and support you from the best services available in our company. A perfect solution for every industry regarding smart cards is available with us. You just need to select the option you require from large number of options available with us and we are here to serve your needs in the best possible way.